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Wednesday, November 19

with Mark Wayne at 8:10 AM:

How to Conquer the Dreaded Post- Thanksgiving Dinner Clean Up

Popular Life and Style Blogger Daisy Teh from Shares Her Top Tips

As we approach Thanksgiving, many hosts stress about everything from cooking the perfect turkey and pumpkin pie to the dreaded post-dinner cleanup, wondering how they can spend more time entertaining guests and enjoying turkey day, and less time in the kitchen doing dishes. In fact, according to a recent survey from Marie Claire and Cascade Platinum, 96% of people waste up to an hour a week pre-washing their dishes when they don’t have to. This outdated ritual not only wastes valuable time and water but also hinders results!

Life and Style expert Daisy, from the popular blog TheItMom, is here to help listeners conquer the post-Thanksgiving cleanup with some eye-opening tips and advice. The below snapshot showcases a brief sampling of topics Daisy can discuss with more to cover during your live interview:
Why you should skip the pre-wash
Dishwashing and cleaning myth busters
How to make post-dinner cleanup a fun family activity
How to properly load the dishwasher (it’s an art AND a science)
How to save time and water during the busy holiday season
Tips for achieving immaculately clean dishes


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