Access Community Action AgencyFunding for soup kitchens and other food service programs across Connecticut is one of the latest casualties of the state’s budget woes.  Peter DeBiasi, president and CEO of The Access Community Action Agency, says funding from the Department of Social Services for 18 programs ends on Tuesday. He says those services “are lifelines for people.”  State lawmakers have yet to reach an agreement on a new two-year budget that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will sign into law. Without a budget in place for the new fiscal year, which began July 1, the Democratic governor has been running state government using his limited spending authority.


A boat explosion in East Lyme sends three girls to the hospital. Officers with the Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police say a 73-year-old man was fueling up at the Niantic Bay Boat Valet when the explosion occurred. It happened around 4:00 on Monday afternoon. The girls were ages 12, 13 and 14. They were treated for burns at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. No word yet on what caused the explosion.


Dan Drew

Dan Drew

A candidate for governor of Connecticut is defending a $375 contribution from a convicted felon previously connected to the Mafia.  Middletown Mayor Dan Drew’s exploratory committee has received the maximum allowed under the state’s clean-elections law from Salvatore “Butch” D’Aquila Jr.  D’Aquila was sent to prison for 15 years in 1991 for running an illegal gambling ring for the New England mob.  Drew says D’Aquila has paid his debt to society and is a valued member of the Middletown community and a friend.


The U.S. Navy is teaming up with the University of Rhode Island and the University of Connecticut to educate and train undergraduate students considering careers in the Navy and undersea engineering.  The Office of Naval Research has awarded the schools a three-year, $1.3 million grant that will be used to establish joint programs geared toward those interested in working for the Navy and Navy-related employers.  The schools will launch a new concentration in naval science and technology in which students will take classes featuring guest speakers from local Navy contractors and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

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