Connecticut legislative leaders say they’ve reached a tentative agreement on most of the major parts of a new, bipartisan state budget agreement.  If Governor Dannel Malloy doesn’t like the proposal, the lawmakers are not ruling out the possibility of having to override a possible veto.  The leaders did not release many details of the plan, saying they first need to inform their fellow lawmakers. Connecticut has been without a budget since July 1.


Gov Malloy (WFSB)

Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy says he’s reserving judgment on a long-awaited agreement reached by Democratic and Republican legislative leaders on a tentative state budget framework, while not ruling out a possible veto.  A skeptical Malloy there are a number of things he might find objectionable in the bipartisan deal that could prompt him to reject it, such as using short-term revenue sources to help balance the approximately two-year $40 billion budget with a projected $3.5 billion deficit.  Malloy is scheduled to review the budget Friday with Democratic leaders.


Drew Marzullo (Greenwich Time)

A Connecticut town official accused of shoplifting has applied for a program that would remove the arrest from his record.  Greenwich Selectman Drew Marzullo applied Tuesday for the state’s accelerated rehabilitation program. The program is a special form of probation that will allow Marzullo to avoid jail and have his record wiped clean if he successfully completes the program.  Marzullo was charged with larceny after police say he stole $486 in merchandise from a Sketchers shoe store and $184 in merchandise from clothing store J. Crew at a Clinton outlet mall.


Yale University is moving to become as transparent with its budget information as other private universities.  The Ivy League school in New Haven, with a $27 billion endowment, compiled a 93-page budget overview for the Yale community earlier this year. That was triple the number of pages in last year’s 28-page overview.  Yale officials say the expanded overview was not in response to criticism and calls for more transparency last year by a faculty committee.

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