The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative ethics meeting was held Tuesday. Officials struggled with the delicacy of language and the harshness of the mandates of an ethics policy but they’re still in the early draft stages. They are planning to eliminate reimbursement for spousal travel, as well as outline terms of travel compensation, gifts and conflicts of interest. The group declined to set a price cap for gifts on Tuesday, though the policy continues to be revised.


Dur­ing tonight’s Ledyard Town Meeting, town coun­cilors will vote whether to de­lay im­ple­men­ting Or­di­nance 146, a contro­ver­sial trash law that re­mov­es mo­bile homes from mu­nic­i­pal trash pick up. The change was ex­pected to save up to $24,000 and was planned to go into ef­fect in Fe­bru­ary. Adopted in Oc­to­ber as a move to ab­sorb cuts in state aid, the or­di­nance has drawn harsh crit­i­cism from mo­bile-home own­ers and park op­er­a­tors, who ar­gued the new or­di­nance ex­cluded mo­bile-home own­ers from a ser­vice they al­ready were pay­ing for through their prop­erty taxes.


Jerome Hudson (The Day)

Travon Brown, fatally wounded after being stabbed on Grand Street in New London last month, identified his longtime friend Jerome Hudson as his killer as he lay dying in the arms of New London police officer Deana Nott. Using Hudson’s street name, Brown told her “Black stabbed me” on Grand Street”. A resident on Grand Street also told police Brown told him that Hudson stabbed him. The man also told police that the “word on the street” was that Brown had stabbed Hudson about three weeks earlier. Police had investigated the incident and identified Brown as a suspect, but were unable to make contact with him. Hudson, who was treated for a stab wound to the abdomen, refused to identify his attacker.


Mike Passero

A New London Housing Authority commission member wants Mayor Michael Passero to recuse himself from an upcoming hearing in which he was to decide on her removal. Kathleen Mitchell claims that Passero already told her during a conversation last month that he planned to remove her. Mitchell also claims Passero has access and posting privileges to her controversial Facebook page, Whale Tales Two . The social media venue has been cited as a favored platform for anonymous criticism and intimidation of Passero and Mitchell’s fellow commissioners. A hearing scheduled for Thursday has been postponed, though a new date had not yet been set.


Peter Nystrom

Norwich Mayor Peter Nys­trom wants to in­crease rev­enues from Nor­wich Public Util­i­ties from ten to 12 per­cent but acknowledges it can’t be done un­til at least the 2021-22 fis­cal year. And NPU officials say that would re­quire an in­crease on elec­tric, wa­ter and nat­u­ral gas rates. John Bilda, NPU Gen­eral Man­ager says any in­crease in the ten per­cent rev­enue to the city would just be a pass-through cost to cus­tomers. NPU of­fi­cials ob­jected both to the re­quest for in­creased rev­enue and the lack of di­rect com­mu­ni­ca­tion from the City Coun­cil.


If you’ve been meaning to give blood, now’s the time to do it! Officials with the Connecticut Red Cross say donations are falling way behind. Spokesman Kelly Isener say the very cold weather has kept people away from blood drives. Isener says check out, or the free Red Cross Blood Donor App for the nearest blood drive. You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS. All blood types are needed, but especially types O and B negative, Type A-B, as well as blood platelets. All donors in Connecticut who give this month will receive a 5-dollar Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

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