Ben Carson

U.S. Housing Secretary Ben Carson has pledged to work with federal, state and local officials to help Connecticut residents whose homes are falling apart because of defective concrete foundations.  Carson visited the home of Maggie and Vincent Perracchio in Willington today. Cracks began forming in their basement walls about three years ago and have spread upstairs.  An estimated 30,000 or more houses in eastern and central Connecticut have failing foundations blamed on the mineral pyrrhotite in concrete mixtures.  Carson was joined by members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation. Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy said thousands of Massachusetts homes could also be affected.


Sergio Correa (Hartford Courant)

The brother of a woman charged with killing a Connecticut couple and their adult son during what authorities called a botched fake robbery has been arraigned on murder charges.  26-year-old Sergio Correa was held on $3 million bail today.  Correa’s sister, 23-year-old Ruth Correa, has already been arraigned on murder charges in connection with the December killings in Griswold.  Police say 56-year-old Kenneth Lindquist and 61-year-old Janet Lindquist were killed in their home, which was then burned down. Their son, 21-year-old son Matthew, was found fatally stabbed in the woods nearby last month.  Police say he was involved in a plot to steal guns from his parents.


Nathan Carman (WFSB)

A judge has rejected a request from a Vermont man to dismiss a lawsuit filed by his own family accusing him of killing his millionaire grandfather and possibly his mother in an attempt to collect inheritance money.  Judge David King scheduled a 10-day trial in probate court in the case of Nathan Carman, starting in 2019.  Carman is acting as his own attorney. He has been called a suspect in the 2013 Connecticut shooting death of real estate developer John Chakalos. No one’s been arrested. Carman also was questioned about when his boat sank with his mother aboard near Rhode Island in 2016. She is presumed dead. Carman has denied involvement in both cases.

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