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An investigation has determined the head of Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound, who was removed from his post in mid-February, engaged in inappropriate behavior with three female Coast Guard members. The Coast Guard’s investigation indicated there was “permanent relief for cause,” in the case of Capt. Andrew Tucci and Tucci retired. The decision was approved by the assistant commandant for human resources and the commander of the Coast Guard’s Personnel Service Center.


Liberals introduce changes to vaping laws -

An electronic cigarette explosion in New London left a man with minor facial burns and a laceration last week. The man was inside a Mabrey Hotel rooming house, when his vape pen exploded on July 11th. Fire officials said they’re looking into whether the pen was customized or if any recalls had been issued for it. Officials didn’t say what model the pen was but said they reported the incident to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Its the first reported incident of its kind in New London.


Make This Mountain Resort Your Outdoor Playground This Summer


New London Police Friday charged a tractor-trailer driver with reckless driving after his truck overturned entering Interstate 95 when he failed to negotiate a sharp curve. The ramp from Water Street onto North Frontage Road was closed for more than an hour because of the 10 a.m. accident, which police said led to the loss of about 51,000 pounds of steel coil off the truck. The driver was transported to L+M Hospital with minor injuries and issued a summons for reckless driving. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection assisted with a fuel spill in connection with the accident.


The Day - Gingerella's accused killer to go to trial in ...

Donte Hughes spent about three hours on the witness stand friday explaining why he pulled his Glock 9 mm out of his back pocket, aimed it at Joey Gingerella’s chest and pulled the trigger in the parking lot of Ryans Pub in December of 2016. He said he thought Gingerella was reaching into his waistband for a gun. As it turned out, Gingerella wasn’t armed. Hughes said he left the bar after his girlfriend Latoya Knight threw a beer in his face and hit him in the forehead with the bottle. He admitted to following her out to the car and hitting her, two or three times. Gingerella and John Hoyt, were asked by the bartender to check on Knight, and tried to intervene. The 12-member jury is expected to begin deliberating Monday.


Giant Hogweed - Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

If you think you have hogweed in your yard, you probably don’t.
But people still should report possible sightings of the enormous, toxic weed to the University of Connecticut’s Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture. Most of the state’s known patches of hogweed have been eliminated as more gardeners learn to recognize and report the plant, which emits a sap that can cause large painful blisters and extreme skin sensitivity if people touch it. It also can cause blindness if it comes in contact with eyes. It can grow up to 15 feet tall. The plant first was seen in Connecticut in 2001 and since has been spotted in 25 towns across all of the state’s eight counties, but Ellis said new plants haven’t been recorded officially in Connecticut since 2011.


(Information from: WPRI-TV,
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Providence has forgiven millions in taxes in recent years for vehicles owned by private colleges, other nonprofits and even some for-profit businesses.
WPRI-TV found that the vehicles include luxury models like BMWs, a Mercedes-Benz and a Cadillac.The station reports that for the fiscal year that began July 1, the city projects it will lose out on $476,000 in taxes for 996 vehicles registered to various nonprofit organizations, including colleges, hospitals and churches. Another 3,500 vehicles owned by the city or other state agencies are also exempt. Some city leaders question whether the use of high-end cars violates the spirit of the tax-exempt status. Each year the city forgoes about $3.8 million in tax revenue from all cars which are deemed exempt from paying taxes.


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Three New England cities are figuring out how to respond after a California company left dozens of electric rental scooters on public sidewalks without warning. The scooters appeared Friday morning in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Massachusetts cities of Cambridge and Somerville. The company that operates the scooters, Los Angeles-based Bird Rides, Inc., didn’t respond to requests for comment Friday. It’s one of several companies competing to expand services for “dockless” scooters or bicycles that can be rented using a smartphone app and left almost anywhere. Some cities have sought to regulate them over safety and nuisance concerns.   A spokesman for Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza says officials found out about the scooters when they appeared outside City Hall before dawn Friday.
The city is now in talks with the company.

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